Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Makeup Tip #1: Bronzer and Blush - A Chronic Girl's Best Friend

One of the most difficult things about being chronically ill is having so little control over my body.  In sick times I am always super pale.  Being fair skinned, when I get pale I become a ghost.  If I do go out with friends during ill times it can be very obvious how sick I really am by how pale I am.  Sometimes this is not a big deal, but other times I simply want to feel a little more confident and spruced up when I go out.  Some of my favorite makeup products that help me with this are bronzer and blush!

Bronzer is meant to contour the face and can also be used to give a little warmth and glow during times of illness, when I am super pale.  I usually apply it to the low points on my face, below the cheekbone, and around where my hair meets my forehead.  When using the proper shade of bronzer this can really add a little life to my face, even at my palest.(Don't get me wrong, I love being pale...but sometimes when I am ill it is a bit more intense than just pill. :P)

Blush is also a great addition and can add a little color to your face.  When used with bronzer, the two can make even the sickest and palest individual trick anyone into thinking they are 100% fine.  Sometimes that can be a problem, but for situations where I want some privacy about my condition by not making it so obvious, like a job interview, these two items are a lifesaver.

When using blush, I apply it to my cheek bones. I always apply the bronzer first and then the blush, and apply quite a bit of both, and then blend I the heck out of them.  Once they are properly blended my face face looks much more vibrant and healthy, and this can really be a confident booster for anyone who is uncomfortable and desires a little more privacy about their condition.  Always remember though, that it is about what makes you feel confident and beautiful, and with or without makeup each of us can be and feel beautiful!

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