Friday, July 31, 2015

The Importance of Taking a YOU Day

When you are chronically ill, so much of your time is spent waiting.  Waiting to feel well enough to get out of bed.  Waiting for the pain to go away.  Just, simply, waiting.  Everyone spends much of their life waiting, but for us our entire life can be caught up in waiting for something.  Because of this, it is important to find things that help you through those periods or waiting.  Something I do every week is take a day for myself, usually a spa day. Now going to the spa is not something I am healthy enough to do, so I set up my day to do things at the house that you would do at a spa.  I do a facial, exfoliating, painting my nails, and sometimes put on some makeup, even if I don't plan on going anywhere.  Why do this?  Well, its simple, it makes me feel a like my life is a little bit more normal, beautiful, and pampered.  When so much of life is pain, feeling relaxed and simply pretty can really do a world of a difference and give you renewed strength to go on fighting your chronic illness.

Everyone has something different they find that helps them truly relax and revive their strength, the important thing is to do something for yourself once a week, if you can.  Adding some regularity gives you something to look forward to, and, in a way, that in itself gives you strength. Having a day once a week that is devoted to something that makes you feel strong, confident, and beautiful can change your outlook on how you fight your chronic illness, and help give you strength and hope.

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  1. I like this idea. I am taking a personal day today because I have been in a lot of pain for over a week. I am having a flareup and I finally just decided it was okay to take a day off on a Wednesday and do absolutely nothing. I have had chai, sat around in my pajamas, watched TV, played some games-it has been glorious.

    Love the blog!